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Weatherboard Cladding Installation for your project

The perfect solution for outdated pebble-dash render.

Here at Cladding London we have noticed a sharp rise in the number of private people using weatherboard cladding as a solution for insulating walls. Weather it is to increase or begin insulating, weatherboard is the perfect solution as the insulation fits into the cavity required behind the weatherboard facade.

Weatherboard is extremely durable against the elements. For a great example of the effectiveness of this, look no further than any Australian TV programme and you will notice its use on many properties down under. Now if its use in the Aussie climate is beneficial, then it will surely stand the test of time in our weather in any extreme UK weather.

With superior UV resistance and a wide range of colours to choose from, they can also be painted. All this on top of the ease of cleaning and reasonable prices. Weatherboard is domestically a must for any cladding project.

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Benefits of Weatherboard Cladding in the UK

Weatherboard cladding is a popular choice for buildings in the UK and offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Weather resistance: Weatherboard cladding is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, wind, and snow. It provides an extra layer of protection to the building and helps to prevent water damage and rot.

  2. Durability: Weatherboard cladding is made from durable materials such as wood, fiber cement, or uPVC. These materials are long-lasting and require little maintenance over time.

  3. Energy efficiency: Weatherboard cladding can improve the insulation of a building. Therefore helping to reduce heating and cooling costs and improve energy efficiency.

  4. Aesthetics: Weatherboard cladding is available in a range of styles, colours and textures. It can be used to create a unique and visually appealing look for a building.

  5. Increased property value: Weatherboard cladding is a desirable feature for many homebuyers and can increase the value of a property.

  6. Easy installation: This type of cladding is relatively easy to install. Because of this it’s a cost-effective way to give a building a fresh new look.

  7. Versatility: It can be used on a range of building types, including traditional and modern, commercial and domestic buildings.

Overall, weatherboard cladding can provide a range of benefits for all types of buildings in the UK.

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Products on offer at Cladding London

  • Trespa Cladding panels
  • Rockpanel Cladding Panels
  • Weatherboard Cladding Panels
  • Parklex (Wood Grained) Cladding Panels
  • Natura Cladding Panels
  • Oko Skin Cladding Panels
  • Fibre C Cladding Panels
  • Elements Cladding Panels
  • Pictura Cladding Panels

All of these products come in various sizes, thicknesses and finishes. For guidance and selection of these products, please contact a member of our team.

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