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Rainscreen Cladding

Cladding London is dedicated to providing and installing rainscreen cladding systems for your construction project. As experienced cladding contractors we can install rainscreen cladding that combines functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that your building stands the test of time.

What is Rainscreen Cladding?

Rainscreen cladding, is a a design concept that has gained widespread adoption in modern construction. It serves as a protective and aesthetic layer for buildings. This type of cladding is designed to manage the impact of rain and moisture on a structure’s façade, while also contributing to its visual appeal.

Rainscreen cladding is a multi-layered system comprising an outer cladding material and an inner weather-resistant barrier. This combination effectively shields a building from the adverse effects of moisture, controlling its penetration and allowing it to drain away harmlessly. The primary purpose is to mitigate water damage, such as dampness and mould, which can compromise both the structural integrity and interior living conditions of a building.

How Rainscreen Cladding Works

Rainscreen cladding relies on a simple principle: it offers an outer “skin” that acts as a protective shield against rain, while a ventilated cavity between the cladding and the building’s structure enables the rapid drainage of any moisture that does infiltrate or its evaporation. This ventilation process facilitates the efficient drying out of the façade, preventing moisture from causing long-term damage.

Rainscreen Cladding Types

Rainscreen cladding systems typically fall into two primary categories, each boasting distinct designs and functions:

Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding:

  1. This type of cladding system comprises an open, ventilated cavity positioned between the cladding material and the building’s structural wall. This cavity facilitates airflow, which ventilates and manages any moisture that may breach the outer cladding layer. The ventilated rainscreen cladding system aims to establish a pressure-equalised system where any water that enters the cladding is swiftly drained or evaporates due to the airflow. This design minimises moisture-related problems, such as mould growth or structural damage, while also enhancing energy efficiency.

Drained and Back-Ventilated:

  1. Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding, akin to the ventilated type, also integrates an air gap or cavity between the cladding material and the building’s structure. However, it distinguishes itself by incorporating a drainage system designed to capture and direct any infiltrated water away from the building. This cladding variant excels in moisture management, preventing moisture from reaching the structural components of the building. The back-ventilation feature further ensures efficient drying of the cladding system, thereby reducing the risk of moisture-related problems.

Benefits of Rainscreen Cladding

  1. Moisture Management: These systems effectively handle moisture infiltration, reducing the risk of structural damage, mould, and dampness.

  2. Energy Efficiency: By regulating temperature and humidity, it can enhance a building’s energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs.

  3. Enhanced Aesthetics: Rainscreen cladding offers a broad range of design options, enhancing a building’s exterior appearance.

  4. Durability: The system’s cladding materials are selected for their durability, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance façade.

Cladding London's Rainscreen Cladding Solutions

At Cladding London, we offer a comprehensive range of rainscreen cladding solutions, tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. As contractors we work closely with clients to choose the most suitable materials and designs, considering both aesthetic preferences and practical demands.

Our rainscreen installation services encompass all aspects, from design and material selection to installation and ongoing maintenance. Our expertise and commitment to client satisfaction make Cladding London the premier choice for rainscreen cladding installation in London and surrounding areas.

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