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We are Cladding Contractors in London providing services and solutions for commercial and domestic buildings and projects.

When it comes to cladding, we’re here to ensure your project not only achieves its aesthetic and functional goals but also stays on track, avoiding potential costs, overruns, and delays. We provide expert installation and repairs that not only enhance your building’s appearance but also safeguard your project’s success.

Our goal is simple: to be your partner in getting your project back on track and preventing costly disruptions. With our specialised cladding repair services, you can trust that we’ll not only restore your cladding’s functionality and appearance but also ensure the project runs smoothly.

Discover how Cladding London can be your contractor and partner in maintaining the integrity and success of your project. We offer free cladding quotes for all types of wall and roof cladding projects.

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Cladding London Projects

From Hotels to Stadiums, Let Cladding London Contractors Provide Solutions For Your Next Project

London Cladding Solutions

Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy in 2017, the importance of cladding projects has grown significantly for both local councils and building owners. At Cladding London, we possess a deep understanding of these projects, considering them from the perspectives of both contractors and clients. Our primary aim is to execute cladding projects effectively while causing minimal disruption to residents.

If you’re in search of experienced cladding contractors in London, look no further. We specialise in both new and renovation projects, covering various needs. Whether it’s for residential, industrial, commercial, or internal and external cladding. We ensure that our solutions meet compliance requirements while remaining cost-effective.

Cladding Materials

Our selection of cladding materials is diverse, catering to different aesthetic and practical preferences. Options include stone cladding, known for its timeless appeal; weatherboard cladding, offering excellent weather protection, and metal cladding, delivering a modern look and durability. Additionally, we offer certified A1 rated, fibre cement cladding, aluminium wall cladding, curtain walling systems and other glazed solutions, meeting industry standards.

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower incident, cladding has become a critical aspect of building safety. At Cladding London, we possess the experience and are well-equipped to handle cladding projects proficiently. We have successfully managed numerous projects leaving behind many satisfied clients.

Our approach is characterised by professionalism and efficiency, with a focus on minimising disruption for residents during the project. We are committed to delivering successful cladding projects while remaining cost-effective.

Cladding London Contractors Can Help You

Find out more about the services we offer below for all domestic and commercial projects.

We offer cladding repairs, remediation and maintenance solutions for commercial and residential.

Cladding London can provide you with top quality, metal roof and wall cladding for your project of any size.

We can supply, install and repair rainscreen cladding to help protect your building against the elements

We offer brick slip cladding installation and remediation for domestic and commercial projects.

Cladding London can provide you with curtain wall systems for your building projects.

We provide installation and repair to all types of Aluminium Wall Cladding for commercial or domestic buildings.

Roofing & Cladding Solutions

We are a company that specialises in providing cladding repair, remediation and roofing services, Cladding refers to the process of adding an outer layer to a building’s exterior walls to improve its aesthetics, insulation, and weather resistance.

We offer a wide range of cladding and roofing solutions, including metal, glass, stone, and composite materials. Additionally, we also provide design, installation, and maintenance services for our clients. Therefore our goal is to help clients achieve the perfect cladding solution adding functionality and aesthetics to their buildings.

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